Animal Farm

why do you think that Benjamin refuses to ' grow enyhusiastic ' about the windmill?

chapter 6 question number 5.

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''Only old Benjamin refused to grow enthusiastic about the windmill, though, as usual, he would utter nothing beyond the cryptic remark that donkeys live a long time." (Chapter 6)

Benjamin, as usual is the only animal on the farm to foreshadow future events. He knows that 'nothing' is ever enough, and that even their construction of the windmill (great as it is) will not change their lot. Benjamin always speaks about how long donkeys live, and the fact that he understands this means that he knows he will see and experience changes for far longer than the others; his lack of enthusiasm.............. well, it's hard to get excited about something that you 'slave' for without any benefit from it.


Animal Farm/ Chapter 6