Animal Farm

whet about the distortion of the ruls

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I am a student in a college and i am studying the novel Animal Farm .. i have read a lot about the Russian Revolution and i almost understood the relationship between the novel and whet happened in the reality.. but i still cant understand something about the Seven Commandments. how does the distortion happen gradually in the story and whet is the matching thing that happened in the reality?

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I am sorry I cannot help with your Q, but I notice that you spell "what" incorrectly (you have it "whet") and thought -- as you care enough about your work to ask for help -- that you would like to know. It may be a typo, but if so, you are consistent with it, so might like to be more careful. Good luck with the paper.

Okay like the connection ould be made by the governments rules. They had the rules as they got the food but the people didnt. They also didnt care about the people. So animals are the rule makers and breakers. If you dont understand please right back my computer is goin to die