Animal Farm

What role does " Four legs good bad and two legs bad" play in Naploean's propoganda. What is its meaning

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Napoleon is manipulating Old Major's original commandments to suit pigs and his own agenda.

Four legs good two legs bad is a very simplified version of the principles of Animalism and sums up the main point of Beasts of England: that animals are superior to humans. This mantra, if you will, is what the sheep repeat during the high points of Snowball's debates. They also start repeating it when Napoleon switches up a law like he does and the animals get confused. The role is to remind the animals of their main goal: To banish humans. This makes them think that the most recently changed law is beneficial to the cause, so they accept it easier. Like whenever you're arguing about something political with someone, they bring up the Founding Fathers. Or when little kids put their hands on their ears and yell "I'm right! I'm right! I'm right!"


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what language technique is portrayed in 'four legs good two legs bad' ?

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