Animal Farm

What purpose is served by the production figures squealer reads to the animals?

in class we listeten to chapter 7 and know 8 and i can't figure out what the anwser is asap

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The numbers are pure propaganda, which were intended to make the animals happy and keep them productive. These falsified numbers enable the pigs to justify why the animals haven't received certain benefits, and why they should be happy with what they get. These numbers also allow the pigs to continue keeping the profits for themselves.


Animal Farm

Jill's answer is great, but I have one thing to add

The statistics also glorify Napoleon as an effective leader. And also, the numbers don't justify the inequality between the animals. They justify why the animals should be happy. The main justification for the reason the pigs get special things (beds, milk, apples, etc) is because they say they need it to make the farm run well