Animal Farm

what plan does snowball develope for improving life on a farm? how does this plan create controversy at first?

chapter five

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Snowball is the more progressive politician, promoting innovations to make the farm run more efficiently. Napoleon makes sure to oppose all of Snowball’s ideas. Snowball's biggest idea was to build a windmill which will provide electricity for the heretofore-primitive farm. Snowball estimates that the animals can complete the windmill with a year of hard labor, after which the time saving machine will shorten their workweek to three days. Napoleon counters with the idea that they will all starve to death in that time, and that the farm’s primary concern should be increasing food production. . Napoleon knows it is a great idea but the project takes power away from him and gives it to Snowball. Snowball uses Mr. Jones’s books to draft a detailed chalk blueprint, which fascinates the other animals. One day, Napoleon urinates on the blueprint to show his disdain.


How does snowball show loyalty and leadership to the farm