Animal Farm

what is the battle of the cowshed?

animal farm chapter 4-6

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It starts when Jones came back w/ some men to try to take back the farm. Snowball, a very clever pig, had planned for this way ahead of time, knowing that Jones would eventually try this. So, as the men attacked the animals, they eventually retreated, and then turned around and cornered them. The men ran off, leaving several animals dead or injured. Snowball's great bravery helped them win this battle. It affected the animals as a whole in ways like it gave them confidence, it brought up the point of who would be leader, it killed several animals, and it brought the whole farm together as well. Individually, it gave Snowball great honor among the animals, who looked to him as a leader now. Later on, it would casue the great debate between Snowball and Napoleon over who would rule the farm, later leading to Napoleon kicking Snowball off the farm with the help of his dogs.