Animal Farm

what is some information about the animals taking over the farm, the battle of the cowshead?

i have to write a newspaper article on the animals taking over the humans

the battle of the cowshead

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Okay, first of allit was the cowshed. Kinda like in history when food rations were low and they had the townshed act. But the animals took over the farm when Mr. Jones came back with a few friends. The animals kicked them out and the male horse, Boxer kicked a boy (age 24-17) in the chest and killed him. The pig ran to Mr. Jones and was shot, but still kept running. They were the first class heros... If you need me to clarify anything for you I would be happy to... Add me on fbook or something? Ashley Maloley! It's a great book so far... Were reading it in english class.


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