Animal Farm

what is orwell's style in animal farm

the style of writing animal farm novel by george orwell

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animal farm is a satire written as a fable of the russian revolution

Orwell adapted various writing techniques and styles of language. To begin with a quote "the one of my only books I sweated over" shows the audience just how articulate the book turned out to be. It was written in the simplest of language, he said, to interest a reader from all levels as well as he could convey his message across easier but also so that no confusion would be apparent (the manipulation of language, where Snowball told the hens about wings and their origin) was something that Orwell detested—he felt it brought about distraction to a commoners mind, focusing on the language rather than content, thus so.

Satire was the novel's most evident style. To even contemplate about phrasing a historical event so massive into the context of a farm was an obvious ridicule. There were instances where even the publishers Orwell approached were stunned—the leaders of Russia(the farm) into pigs was one distasteful example.

Allegory was another style. By now all readers of Animal Farm should have understood the allegory of the Russian Revolution into the book, but just how much? There are so many subtle hints that one may pick out, and there are countless. Some of the seemingly useless and worthless characters were actually important figures in the Russian history, so one should take note.