Animal Farm

What did Orwell reject and believe in?

In the whole animal farm book

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Based on the novel, we see that the animals initially reject any kind of government which has one person in power - the way Jones is in the beginning. He hopes for the perfect society of animalism as put forth by Old Major, but he shows us, through the actions of the pigs that this perfect society seems to be unattainable. He rejects such things as alcohol, a way in which the animals abuse their bodies and their minds. And he seems to reject a society in which there are "classes" of animals (thus people symbolically) and he certainly rejects the "secret police" of Napoleon's dogs.

Check out Gradesaver's section on "Animal Farm Background." It should have everything you need as far as an explanation of Orwell's purpose in writing the novel and his personal beliefs. I have provided a direct link below;

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