Animal Farm

what commandments do the pigs break and how do they get around those commandments?

Chapter 7-8

Animal farm

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Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy- The pigs begin to walk on two legs, becoming more like himans.

Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend

No animal shall wear clothes- the pigs do eventually start to dress in clothing, but this commandment is never officially changed.

No animal shall sleep in a bed- Broken when the pigs move into the house and sleep in the beds; the commandment is changed to no beds with sheets.

No animal shall drink alcohol- Napoleon gets thouroughly drunk and the words are become "to excess."

No animal shall kill any other animal- this commandment is broken when the pigs begin executing the other animals. The Commandment is changed to "without cause."

All animals are equal- broken when the milk and the apples are to be eaten by the pigs alone (brain food)


Animal Farm