Animal Farm

To simplify things, Snowball created a maxim for the animals to live by. Do you think this encompasses all the ideas of the original animal doctrine created by Old Major? Why or why not? Who might this new maxim upset?

chapters 3-5

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Snowball's maxim is “Four legs good, two legs bad.” It actually runs contrary to Old Major's original precepts. By excluding "two legs", snowball is excluding certain animals at the expense of other animals with four legs (like pigs). Birds and "weaker" animals who don't do physical labour would not share in the wealth. This is not the utopia that Old Major envisoned.

Yes, Snowball is working for the benefit of the entire farm, and the 7 commandments were for everyone. Snowball however is soon run off of the farm and demonized by the other pigs. That's when the meaning and benefits begin to change.


Animal Farm