Animal Farm

Throughout Chapter 5, make a list of all the changes that occured.

In chapter 5

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1) The pigs make all policy decisions, which the other animals are to ratify.

2) Snowball and Napoleon are in constant disagreement, and the other animals begin to take sides.

3) The sheep support Napoleon and interrupt Snowball’s speeches by bleating, “Four legs good, two legs bad.”

4) Snowball and Napoleon come into bitter conflict over a windmill. Snowball designates a piece of land for a windmill, which will provide electricity for the heretofore-primitive farm. He uses Mr. Jones’s books to draft a detailed chalk blueprint, which fascinates the other animals.

5) Napoleon urinates on the blueprint to show his disdain.

6) Snowball estimates that the animals can complete the windmill with a year of hard labor, after which the time saving machine will shorten their workweek to three days. Napoleon counters with the idea that they will all starve to death in that time, and that the farm’s primary concern should be increasing food production.

7) The animals split into two groups, one called “Vote for Snowball and the three-day week,” the other called “Vote for Napoleon and the full manger” (65).

8) Snowball completes his blueprint for the windmill. The animals hold a meeting at which Snowball wins over the majority with his descriptions of the leisurely life that the windmill will allow. Suddenly, Napoleon signals “nine enormous dogs wearing brass-studded collars,” which barge into the barn and chase Snowball out. Snowball manages to escape through a hedge.

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