Animal Farm

the principle of equality(HELP)

hey guys, im in my last year of school and i;ve never been able to write an excellent literature essay!!! pls help as i would really like to improve on my english mark....

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communism; RUSSIAN REVOLUTION!!!! Linnen? Stotsky? Com on you can do it!!!

The principle of equality is a tracking theme evident in Animal Farm. It is established, first from Chapter 1 when old Major tells the animals about a utopia he has foreseen, till Chapter 2 and 3 when Man are evicted and the utopia is seemingly accomplished, even though animals like Mollie and the cat shirk off work, and the pigs do not touch physical work because they were seen to be the cleverest, so that they directed and supervised the others. Then up to chapters 4 where there are classes of animals given to Snowball and Boxer, "Animal Hero, First Class" and the dead sheep "Animal Hero, Second Class" to the fifth chapter when the pigs decide the arrangements of the farm, so on and so forth...