Animal Farm

"the pigs' greatest wepon in Animal farm is the abuse of language". do you agree with this statement and why?

im trying to have an idea on what i want to do and i need somthing like 700 words.. andything will help me i really need this its due next week

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This was just done, check question history.

I know but I just need as much as I can get at this moment in time.

i really need this for school my best mate is failing, and it upsets me :( im like 16 so yea i need to get my SACE othwerwise i wont pass and neither will he.

and the teacher is a bitch btw haha

The two responses are pretty detailed. There isn't much more to add. One is copied from Sparknotes (another lit. site) and the other is interpretation. Anyhow I hope it goes okay for you.