Animal Farm

The End of the Animal Farm.

In your opinion, was it ever possible for Animal Farm to reach a Utopia state? If yes, describe the circumstances in which this could have happened. If no, give detailed reasons for your answer.

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The allegorical characters of the novel represent specific historical figures and different factions of Imperial Russian and Soviet society. These include Karl Marx (Major), Vladimir Lenin (Major), Leon Trotsky (Snowball), Joseph Stalin (Napoleon), Adolf Hitler (Frederick), the Allies (Pilkington), the peasants (Boxer), the elite (Mollie), and the church (Moses). If we extend these archetypes through different cultures and history, we would find many similarities. There has never been a government system that does not take advantage of its own people. Human nature forbids an egalitarian system. I don't think anything could have made Animal Farm work. If Napoleon was not there or even died, another animal would take his corrupt place and the animals would let it happen.