Animal Farm


i need help with a project in L.A. with animal farm and propaganda. I just need examples of each animal and what they do in the book that has to do with propaganda, like napoleon takes snowballs idea in making the windmill and gives the idea to the other animals and gets them to like the idea......please help....

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Just get an F.

Napoleon is represenitive of Stalin

Snowball is Trotsky

Moses the raven is the russian orthadox church

Mollie represents the noble class that fled the revolution

Old Major is Lennin

Benjamin is represenitive of the peasent class

the 9 dogs that inspite a state of fear are the KGB

hey there may be this can help.First of all Squealer was a brilliant talker that could turn black into short,he was very persuasive. When the food ration was been reduced,Squealer used blaffing vocabulary to manipulate the animals.He told them that there is been readjustment to the ration,this either meant reduction or increase in the ration.He manupilated the animals into believing that the pigs need the milk and apples because it is needed for their brain work.Further more,he blinded the animals into believing that he pigs should sleep on beds with sheets.This was against the principles of the rebellion.

No i wouldn't just say ** and get an F. what are u thinking dude. I would just try to write random stuff down to he knows that at least you

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