Animal Farm

Orwell's attitude towards animals as animals?

Are there any signs in the story of Orwell's attitude towards animals as animals, apart from his satirical purpose?

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In my own opinion, no, I don't believe Orwell has illustrated his view or attitude of animals through this novel.

In the beginning when all animals came to hear the speech of old boar, the way they settled down like pigs settle down in straw, the hens perched themselves in the windowsills, the pigeons fluttered up to the rafters, the sheep and the cows lay down behind the pigs and started to chew the cud. This all show them as animals. After kicking Mr. jones out the farm they started behaving like humans , but not all of them copied humans. Animal farm is a fable. supposedly they looked like animals but their purpose was to represent humans. So Orwell treated them as more humans as he wanted to express humans through them.