Animal Farm

orwell makes fun at certain characters, showing up their weaknesses. what is the truth of this statement with reference to mollie, boxer & napoleon.

the use of satire, mollie's shortcomings, boxer's blind devotion & napoleon the tyrant

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Mollie can be seen in relation to the nobles of russia who were scared and fled when the revolution began. Orwell shows this type of character as a fancy show horse named mollie. As typical of any sociallite all she was concerned with was get her ribbions for her hair and making sure she had her sweets -sugar lumps. She shirked her duties and was lazy not wanting anything to do with work. When a neigboring farmer gave her the attention that she wanted and needed she deserted her farm just as the nobles fled Russia.

Boxer represents the simpleton working common man before and during the revolution. Trying not to stir or ruffle feathers he always did his work reguardless of how tough it may have been for him. He wore his simple straw worker hat and always did what he was told because Napoleon is always right. He must work harder for the benefit of his farm, that is the way the orginal idea of communism began, that each person will work hard for their own benfit of society.

Napoleon, the figure head of what a tyrant is, showed that a ruler need not be present to rule a government of farm in that case. He used his political mouthpiece squaler to do all his dirty work and make the animals do what they were told. The oly time Napoleon was visiable was in the begining of the novel but then his appearances gradually decreased. His appearances included showing and trading with the humans around the farm, the tourtore of the hens and pigs that were accused of treason.

He also used snowball as a scapegoat for the things that went wrong, just asmost dictors try to point the fingure at other leaders or nations for their shortcomings.


The novel Animal Farm