Animal Farm

it was important to napoleon that this windmill be built,what does this say about napoleon as a leader?

animal farm ch6 or ch7

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The animals work sixty-hour weeks all spring and summer in order to build the windmill, but none begrudges the extra labor. In August, Napoleon instates “strictly voluntary” labor on Sundays: animals may choose not to come, but they will have their rations reduced by half. There are plenty of building materials on the premises, and the animals discover that they can break limestone into pieces by using the force of gravity. However, the process of dragging boulders to the top of the quarry and throwing them down is very taxing. Boxer compensates by picking up the other animals’ slack, for which they admire him.It is important to know the reasons Napoleon wants this windmill built so badly. It certainly has nothing to do with making the animals' lives easier. It has everything to do with increasing trade with humans thus making Napoleon wealthy. It is also a testament to Napoleon's leadership. It is almost a monument to himself.

Napoleon is a very corrupt leader and reflects Stalin during the Russian Revolution. The fact that Napoleon opposes the windmill at first but (thanks to Squealers) propaganda seems to be for it, suggests that as a leader, Napoleon is very greedy and power hungry because he knows that if the animals work on the Windmill, they will focus completely on that and not his dictatorship! He also knows that 'Rations may be reduced' (so he will gain more food than everyone else).


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