Animal Farm

is snowball a good animal?


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snowball is a good animal because he wanted only good for the farm and the other animals. It was his goodness that got he ran off by the farm and made him turn him into a tratior by Napoleon and sequaler. They turned him into a scapegoat for all the things that went wrong on the farm.

Snowball is a good animal on the farm. However, the reader is also left to doubt whether his rule over Napoleon's would have been any better. In Chapter 3 over the discrepancy of where the milk and apples would go to, we as readers are aware that Snowball was one of the pigs to agree to allowing the reservation of the milk and apples to be carried out. This, however, was overruled in Chapter 4, when he was the strategist of the Battle of the Cowshed. Something ironic about what he strategizes with is that he reads about the campaigns of Julius Caesar. This is symbolic to the life of Julius Caesar as Snowball, who emerges vistorious over the Battle of the Cowshed, is later evicted by the dogs under Napoleon's lead, parallel to Julius Caeser's winning of various battles and later assassination. Snowball as well as that also had various inventions for the farm such as constructing a windmill.