Animal Farm

How well do the commandments reflect the ideas cexpressed in old majors speech?

Chapter 1-2

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The fundamental idea of Old Major's speech was the idea that the animals need to assert control of their own state of being on the farm. They must unify to become the active agents of their own world, and in this the commandments of the farm seem to insist upon this. The idea of "two legs" being an enemy helps to clearly establish how animals must work together against the oppressive animal of the human being. While the commandments do a good job in articulating how human beings must be seen as the enemy, they also are successful in being able to clearly suggest that the animals, themselves, are the source of strength upon which the other animals can rely. The idea of being able to view other animals as a friendly source and banning violence against other animals is vitally important in establishing such a condition as it makes clear Old Major's idea that all of the animals are included in the struggle against human beings. The targeted behavior of the animals is something that is brought out in the commandments, for they clearly articulate that the enemy is the human being and that their only sanctuary is within the collective strength of one another.