Animal Farm

how does the disapperance of the milk and apples foreshadow future events

how could the milk and apples foreshadow the future

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Squealer is the town crier of the pigs; he's the one who is best at convincing the other animals of everything. He'd already explained that the pigs and the dogs need the "good" food, and that when they get it everyone else on the farm benefits from their sustenance. The milk and the apples symbolize the "good life" and luxurious living; things that aren't necessary but well deserved. They do run the farm you know? :-D

The milk and apples go missing just as the other animals go looking for them, and the pigs are masters of propaganda when they "convince" the other animals of why only they should have them. Like every communist society the "whole" should sacrifice for the "few," working towards the common interest of everyone.

Source(s): Animal Farm