Animal Farm

How do the pigs gain access to the cow’s milk? What is the author suggesting with this act? Do you think, at this point, the revolution will succeed?

I just want opinions on what the author is trying to say.

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The Pigs claim that they are the brainchild of this whole operation. They say that they need the optimum nutrients to be able to run the farm and keep it out of the hands of humans like farmer Jones. The animals are new and naive to this whole revolution thing. Old major was their visionary and Napoleon is very intimidating; they fear him and don't disagree with his edict. Power and hierarchy on the farm starts at Napoleon and filters down through the other pigs. The other animals have little say.The way the pigs, Napoleon in particular, are acting makes this revolution a failure. Sure they may have rid themselves of Farmer Jones but they are trading their life for a worse Hell under the Napoleon.