Animal Farm

Help plz refer to chapter 1 and 2

 Explain the concept of animalism. And.. How do the pigs represent the Bolshevik intelligentsia? ​


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Animalism, in Animal farm, was a philosophy that pursued an ideology to further the interests of animals in a human dominated society. Animalism is the system of thought that Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer make using the ideas that Old Major outlined in his speech in Chapter 1. Animalism included revolution against humans like Farmer Jones and the adoption of a socialist animal utopia. Old Major had a vision where all animals shared in the labour of the farm and all enjoyed the fruits of that labour equally. This egalitarian ideology was quickly perverted by the likes of Napoleon after Old Major's death. 

After Old Major dies, the pigs take on the task of organizing and teaching the other animals because they are “generally recognized as being the cleverest of the animals” (35).

Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer have taken charge especially, and they have expanded Old Major’s concept into a “complete system of thought” called Animalism. They hold frequent meetings in the big barn to espouse the views of Animalism to the other farm animals. At first, the animals are not convinced that they should follow Animalism. Some feel loyalty to Mr. Jones, some worry that they cannot be self-sufficient, and others, such as Mollie, worry about losing treats such as sugar and ribbons. Snowball contradicts Mollie, saying that the ribbons are “the badge of slavery” and that “liberty is worth more than ribbons” (37).