Animal Farm

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hi everybody I have a research paper on Animal Farm and I really appreciate if you help me with these three answers

1- what sort of fiction is the novel,and what was meant by it

2- what are the circumstances that led to the writing of Animal Farm

3- the novel is an allegory , what is this allegory about ?

I do appreciate your help

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Hey the answers are here.

1.The novel is a based on the soviet union and there counrties problems in the early 1900's.

2.The author wanted to give examples how the soviet union was acting and killing people in a more useful way of a quick book read, for it to be easy for people to read the book and see what problems were in the country and how things were rule out and played out.

3.Allegory means that the book is representing something that is dating back at something in the past.

Hope these may help you

1. This novel is known as anti-utopian. In contrast to More's Utopia, which talked about a perfected world, this novel presents exactly the opposite.

Yes, this story depicts communist leaders in rather satiric way. Writer could not address them directly. Napoleon's figure portrays Stalin.

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heyyy guys i need some help with this question on Animal farm.

1-Comments Orwell has made about books/writing

2-Comments Orwell has made about the book Animal Farm