Animal Farm

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Napoleon, a Berkshire boar, is the main tyrant of Animal Farm. Napoleon begins to gradually build up his power after the death of old Major were him and Snowball become the main leaders of the revolution. Using puppies he took from mother dogs Jessie and Bluebell and raised them to be his aggressive secret police, he manages to use body lauguadge to create an essence of fear and intimidation, which almost forces the less intelligent animals to believe what he is saying "Napoleon is always right" keeping them in line. After driving Snowball off the farm, Napoleon usurps full power, using false propaganda from Squealer- who could "turn black into white" with his minipulation of lauguadge and he used this to his advantage. Among other things, he gradually changes the Commandments to allow himself privileges and justify his dictatorial rule, he becomes more and more powerful, then it begins to corrupt. By the end of the book, Napoleon and his fellow pigs have learned to walk upright and started to behave similar to humans, they also begin to drink which is ironic as Mr Jones drunk which started the revolution.

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bring in an apple because in the begining of his take-over he states that only pigs can have apples and milk,