Animal Farm

Do the animals still believe they are free?

Chapter 9

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What are free?

The animals?

I don't think they feel that way. By chapter 9 they are terrified of Napoleon.

No,beacsue the lack of hard work they do is making them feel free but to us no.

In Animal Farm Chapter 9, the animals don't believe they are free. In fact, they live in fear and oppression under the dominion of pigs.

This chapter opens with the animals realizing that they have been living in ignorance and that the pigs have lied to them all along. They come to understand that pigs have always worked alongside people and the revolution has been betrayed.

The pigs, led by Napoleon, have established a dictatorship on the farm.

They created a secret police force, the Dog, to enforce their rules and quell any dissent. Animals are forced to work harder than ever, and their diets are reduced to a minimum. The pig also continues to change the commandments, making it clear that he is above the law and can do whatever he wants.

The animals are well aware of their lack of freedom and are afraid to speak out or resist the pig's power. They know that any sign of rebellion will be met with dog violence and punishment.

The chapter ends with the animals watching as Napoleon and the other pigs dine with the humans.