Animal Farm

describe the battle with fredericks men and explain how the animals felt immediately after the destruction of the windmill? how did the pigs renew the animals spirits?

chapter 8 animal farm

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The battle begins when Napoleon realizes that he has been duped by Frederick with counterfeit money. The battle is eventually won by the animals, but at a huge cost: the windmill is destroyed, Boxer is hurt, and several animals are killed. The animals are told that Comrade Napoleon may be dying (he is suffering from a hangover), but when Squealer reveals that he has recovered, the animals feel much better.


The battle starts when the animals dash over to their neighboring farm. Little did they know that the men were waiting on them with half a dozen guns. The animals were being shot at from all different directions. Very few animals were injured but at this time they ran back to their farm and hid in the barn. Frederick and his men where charging up the hill with their weapons. They charge right over to the windmill. Napoleon is pacing back and forth saying aloud, "they can't knock it down the walls are 3 in. thick!!" All the men are standing around the windmill with gun powder and a stick of dynamite. They blow up the windmill and the animals are furious. They charged out of the barn and right at the men. They're all scared and running for their life. Boxer kills approximately 3 men and the rest are chased away by the others. Then the pigs go into the house having over looked the whiskey they immediately take out. All the animals (including the pigs) start drinking in celebration of their victory.


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