Animal Farm

Czar Nicolas as a leader?

describe czar nicolas as a leader

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Czar Nicholas was a strong military leader, but he was sorely lacking in the knowledge or ability to lead his people politically. The Czar had no interest in expanding his country, his wish was to establish a lasting peace. His country, none-the-less, continued to grow economically, expanding trade and improving transportation..... something that served to threaten the Japanese and caused them to attack and conquer Port Arthur.

While busying himself with peace negotiations, he failed to see the anger and dissatisfaction of the workers in his own country. Uprisings became the norm, the peasants joined in with the workers, and the suppression of these protestors was met with violence inflicted by the Czars troops. In essence, Czar Nicholas was sorely lacking in leadership skills, and his forced abdication was unquestionable.