Animal Farm

Critical essay

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1. he is a loner and feels he does not need to contribute-same reason he does not work

2. They are becoming more twisted and further from the truth, and more communist

3. He isnt

4. No, since they often misinterperet whan the others want.

3. I personally think that Benjamin, the obsinate and cynical, donkey is indeed responsible for the suffering of the other animals.

First of all, Benjamin could read as good as all the more intellegent animals in the farm. With his knowlege, he knows better what's going on in the farm than the other animals such as Boxer and the sheep.

From the beginning, he refused to contribute to the Rebellion, stating that nothing would be changed, and life would still be toil and suffering. His indifference had indeed kept him out of trouble, yet he never tried to point out the evil plot of the pigs. So the exploit of the lower class animals continued.

Unlike the four pigs who protested with the Sunday meetings were abolished after the expulsion of Snowball, he kept his mouth shut. Acting as a silent audience to all the changes. He might seem to be a wise character, but indeed he is a fool responsible for the suffering of the animals.

Secondly, he could disclose to the other animals that the Commandments had been altered. Also, he need not fear the nine sturdy dogs commanded by Napoleon. He is a friend of Boxer, who demonstrated that the dogs could do him no harm in the scene of the confession and execution of animals.

He could have the same influence of the pig and could also have led the animals into another rebellion when Napoleon was obvious in his attempt to establish absolute rule in the farm.

Benjamin, could have improved the lives of the anmals and himself by exercising his knowledge. So I must say that the fact that the donkey possessed knowledge but lacked the wit to excercise it is the reason that he is responsible for the suffering of the other comrades.