Animal Farm

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i dont think that orwel's argument is sound. alot of this stuff could have happened under capitalism. for example, if you look at the police state of america, they are pretty much doing something similar to the opresion of comunists. singapore is a far right wing country that canes people for grafiti. the united states of america has more people in prison than any other country in the world, and is a far right wing capitalist country. if you ask many people from the former ussr, they wil tel you that they were BETER off with the ussr, instead of now. many of the former ussr citizens can only dream of going back to the days of ussr. insted, what you have now are a bunch of corupt pupet states of the usa, that are psychos and very war prone. in fact, i can easily write a book about how a country went from comunism to capitalism and were MUCH beter off with comunism. alot of these former soviets were lured into these fantasies of independence. once they got their independence, their countries were open season for the multinationals to go in and scavenge them. you see this with many eastern european countries such as latvia, lithuania, and others like it who were looted by german and swedish banks, whom crashed local indegenous industries and manufacturing. there were also countless semi socialist countries around the world who wanted to protect their country, but were infiltrated by the capitalist hyenas. the united states has gone into countless countries to overthrow socialist leaders, and then replace them with right wing tyrants who allowed american/western corporations to set up sweat shops. in these instances, i can tell you that the countries were devastated and became much worse as a result of capitalism. i can name many brutal dictators who facilitated capitalism including pinochet, suharto, and noriega. other obvious appointments made by the u.s. are osama bin laden, and sadam husein. i do not know that much about the left, but i can tell you that the name of the game for capitalists like the usa is destabilisation. you can look currently at pakistan where the u.s. is funding terorists, while concurently claiming to hunt them. israel is another example. this is a country proped up by britain, and the u.s. specificaly to destabilise the region. it acounts for milions of atrocities on the palestinian people but many others also suffer such as those from lebanon. given all the horor that i can name as a result of capitalism. i can only conclude that animal farm is a weak book. i am not a very educated person, so i am sure that many phd's can come up with much beter examples of how capitalism ruins lives, promotes propaganda, atrocities, torture, starvation, on a much larger, and wider scale. even people with bachelors degrees can explain how the imf and world bank go into poor countries to promote their imperialist agenda, thereby increasing poverty, starvation, and reduction of human quality of life. and the worst part of it all is that most of these terorists such as the imf, world bank, and others do all of this openly. if youre not convinced about my argument, then tell me when was the last time cuba invaded another country, framed others of having weapons of mass destruction?

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This was a satire meant to make light of a serious situation. He wanted to show how a society evolved into something that became beyond it's control.


Animal farm