Animal Farm

Chapters 5 and 6

Who is Mr. Whymper, and why does Napolean begin to trade with him?

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A solicitor in Willingdon who acts as Animal Farm’s intermediary to the human world. He is “a sly-looking little man with side whiskers.” He visits the farm every Monday to get his orders and is paid in commissions. Mr. Whymper’s business-minded attitude towards Animal Farm, which allows him to ignore the injustices and atrocities committed there, make him a parody of nations that conducted business with the Soviet Union while turning a blind eye to its internal affairs. He is the perfect man to aid Napoleon because he's greedy and he turns his eyes away from injustice. Mr. Whymper was also the best way to spread untrue gossip among the humans. The animals would be instructed to say things in front of Whymper which weren't true. He would then go back and tell the humas what he thought he knew.