Animal Farm

Chapter 3

What events in this chapter show that there are already problems with the new way of life on the farm?In you opinion which animals are and are not treating everyone as equals?Give specific examples and details.(1-2 paragraphs)

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In Chapter Three, we learn that the animals' harvest is the best it's even been, that the animals have an abundance of food, and that they have far more time to themselves, We also learn, however, that the pigs do not participate in manual labor, and that the cat and Mollie shirk their responsibilities.

By the end of the chapter, the pigs begin to assume more and more control over the other animals. They set aside a study area for themselves, and Napoleon takes Bluebell's puppies away to raise and educate them. The pigs even claim the milk and the bulk of the apple produce in order to fuel their "brainwork".


Animal Farm