Animal Farm

can someone help me answer these questions?

Who is Moses and what does he promise?

What is on the green flag and what does it symbolize?

What leads to the Battle of the Windmill?

When is “Beasts of England” rejected as an anthem?

Who are the first traitors to be executed?

What is Boxer’s famous maxim?

What does the completion of the windmill bring to the farm?

Who was Snowball’s original ally?

What happens to Mr. Jones in the end?

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Who is Moses and what does he promise?

Moses is a tame raven that is Mr. Jones’s “especial pet.” He is a spy, a gossip, and a “clever talker” (37). He is also the only animal not present for Old Major’s meeting. Moses gets in the way of the pigs’ efforts to spread Animalism by inventing a story about an animal heaven called Sugarcandy Mountain.

Please submit each of your other questions one at a time and I will get to them.