Animal Farm

Bring Your Character in a "bag"

I was wondering if anybody could help me out.I recieved a school project thing thats due on monday (Lets hope working under pressure in fact does help)

Heres what it consists of:

An oral has to be done in wich you choose any animal character from the book 'animal farm'(of course).After the choise of animal you should discuss its charastics and then list 10 objects to wich the animal can relate wheter its personality wise or certain events that they partisipated in,it doesnt matter.

For Example;if a dog was chosen you could a colar in the bag and state that it represents slavery.

I've been thinking bout this for a while now,but truth to be told im going nowhere slowlly.If you have any suggestions please post them as soon as possible.I would be forever thankful.

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You should choose the horse for your character, and bring in a mallet or whip to show the utter cruelty of the horse.

Do you happen to go to PAHS in VA?

i can only help if you are cute and single.............Boxer is the easiest character you can talk about.He has all the best qualities of a loyal servant as well as of the peasants in the Russian Revolution of the 1917.He believed so much in Old Major's vision of the rebellion.This explains why he followed blindedly to the pigs ruling.He was dedicated to the work of the farm to the extend that he woke up an hour before the other animals.He was very naive because he believed everything Napoleon told him,he even had his personal motto "i will work hard" and whatever Napoleon says is right.I guess you will add some more points and get a better grade....good luck