Animal Farm

Animal Farm Question?

Im in grade 11 and finished reading the novel Animal Farm. I need help on a question!

Explain how power and leadership affected the pigs. What is the author saying about this type of government?

Please please answer in detail and explain i have no idea what this means. I really need to get a good mark on this so please answer ASAP!! its due in block 1 Thanks so muchhh

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This is actually a pretty involved question. The pigs represent leadership from the beginning of the story. Old Major is a visionary pig that has both intelligence and leadership skills. Following Old Major's death, it is the pigs that are “generally recognized as being the cleverest of the animals.” The pigs take on leadership roles in all parts of society. They organize and mobilize the other animals for revolution against farmer Jones. It is not long before the Pig's intelligence and education are used to pervert Old Major's original vision. They use their intelligence as a force of oppression rather than enlightenment. Napoleon stands out as the pig that will take ruthless control over the farm. Napoleon represents the totalitarian ferocity of Stalin's Soviet Union. Napoleon uses his intelligence and treachery to separate other animals from pigs. He becomes a demagogue bent on enslaving the animals under the guise of loyalty to an animal cause that died with the passing of Old Major.