Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a restatment of the thesis of the British historian and philosopher Lord John Action who observed, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.".Comment

I need the answer in this form:

1- Do not tell the story (of the novel , play, etc.)

2- Only write about the passage given and what is relevant to it.

3- Write in essay form

4- Use concrete examples from the passage to illustrate your answer

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This is a pretty famous statement. It works ib different stories too like say Macbeth. Basically, in animal Farm, once Napoleon tasted power, he needed more. Power can corrupt the soul and absolute power can push one into some sinister places. Once Napoleon had no competition and all animals were terrified of him, he indulged in his darkest desires. Orwell felt that without checks and balances people naturally gravitate towards corruption.