Animal Farm

animal farm

could anyone suggest on what strategy can i use on lesson plan using the story of animal farm as text

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thank you

Animals are part of our life.

I want some on pre-teaching , while-teaching and post teaching activities about animal farm

you could try a leave in activity... You have a group.. Ask your view and have them make the modern day connections?? Have a BOOKMARK or sticky notes with a report??

Inform your students on the Russian Revolution first before doing anything. This would be vital for comparing the parallels between book and novel later on. You might even want to conduct a project on that, as learning about the Revolution was one of the main themes in the book, very important as well as very interesting.

After which show them a movie on Animal Farm. Try to use a film that best represents what you are teaching. Some of the Animal Farm adaptations have horrible endings—such as the animals recapturing the farm at the end—where the film loses its sense of tragedy, one that is very apparent in the book.

Youtube has great resources for audiobooks on Animal Farm as well. Try "colloredbrothers"— they read well. Go through the novel once, and let the structure and plot sink into their heads.

Go through the book with them, which I presume (from your question) that you are a teacher. Good luck!