Animal Farm

3 questions

1. what was the most interesting part in the book?

2. what are 2 incidents in the book and make a personal connection?

3. what is the most believable and unbelievable part of the book? why?

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1) Unlike most people who find the scene where Napoleon has Snowball run off the farm the most interesting part; I always come back to the section where the pigs move into the farmhouse and continuously act more and more human.

2)Person connections are for you to make........ everyone has competely different personal experiences, and your instructor wants your connections, not mine.

3) Looking at this is terms of history, all while forgetting Orwell's use of animals to make his point, the story is completely realistic. Taken out of its historical context and read by someone with no knowledge of its connection to European history.............. it's a complete fantasy, and quite a good one at that.

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