Angela's Ashes

What would the interpretation be of this quote form Angelas Ashes, "Patricia is gone and I'll never know what happened to the highwayman and Bess, the landlord's daughter. I asked Seamus but he doesn't know any poetry at all especially English poetry."

I need to paraphrase this quote

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Patricia Madigan, who is dying of diphtheria at fourteen. Patricia gives Frank a book that introduces him to Shakespeare, which affects him deeply. She also recites verses from the popular poem, "The Highwayman." The nurse doesn't like the two ill children speaking, however, and moves Frank to a ward by himself. There he learns that Patricia has died. Frank has Seamus ask his pub friends what happens at the end of "The Highwayman," and Seamus memorizes the last verses for Frank. The quote relates to Frank's longing to hear the end of the Highwaymen and in doing so remember Patricia.