And Then There Were None

I'm sorry to ask for so much but i'm just trying to get help on bringing my grade up so i dont fail , so i need to know the answer to the questions pleeease .!

Chapters 11-12

1. What news does Lombard share with Blore when he awakens him in the morning?

2. What happens to Rogers?

3. Why does Vera begin to laugh uncontrollably?

4. What does Blore confess to Lombard?

5. Emily Brent dreams of Beatrice Taylor. What is Beatrice doing in the dream?

6. While clearing breakfast dishes Emily Brent feels a little giddy, she sits to wait for the feeling to pass. What does she see on the windowpane?

7. How is Emily Brent murdered?

8. Who immediately falls under suspicion for Emily's murder?

9. What does Mr. Lombard find missing from his bed-table?

10. Where are the potentially lethal drugs put for safekeeping?

Chapters 13-14

1. Who are the five remaining guests on Indian Island?

2. Which of the characters is said to look like "a wary old tortoise"?

3. Vera goes to her room to bathe her aching head and temples in cold water What causes her screams of terror?

4. When Mr. Justice Wargrave is discovered dead what is strange about his appearance?

5. What meals are the survivors reduced to eating?

6. Who finds the revolver?

7. What does Vera see in her room that she had not noticed before?

8. Who hears someone sneaking around the house and decides to investigate?

9. Who disappears at the end of Chapter 14?

If you could please answer some of these i would be so thankful , thankyou[:]

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He tells Bioreactor that he is a sitting target for U.N.Owen because he has no criminal imagination. Lombard declares that he has his own imagination and plans to get off this island.

You should be able to find many of these at the link below.


Blore, I hate autocorrect sometimes!