And Then There Were None

Give three examples of how two characters apparences are attributed to animals

use examples from the beggining, middle, and end. use textual evidence and cite page numbers. use 4 similes.

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Gradesaver's Chapter 13 Summary gives excellent examples of animal traits in regard to the different characters.

"All sit in the drawing room. They “looked less like human beings. They were reverted to more bestial types.” Wargrave is “a wary old tortoise.” Blore is “a slow padding animal…a beast at bay ready to charge its pursuers.” Lombard is a “lithe and graceful” animal with “lips curling back from his long white teeth.” Vera Claythorne is a small, terrified animal, afraid to move."


In chapter thirteen, the characters of the novel begin to seem less than human to each other. Each seems to take on the characteristics of an animal: Wargrave is a tortoise, Vera is a terrified animal, Lombard is like a terrifying tiger. These descriptions are metaphors that help us to understand more about each character, as well as examples of zoomorphism, or the attribution of animal like qualities to human beings.