An Inspector Calls

Where and when is the play set?

What occasion are the characters clebrating?

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The play is set in 1912 at the Birlings' home in Brumley, England.

The family is celebrating Sheila(Birling)and Gerald's engagement.


An Inspector Calls

The play is set in the Town of Brumley, England. The entire play takes place in the home of the Birling family.

It is set in 1912, however, J.B Priestley wrote the play in 1945.

It was first performed in 1945, in the Soviet Union, then again in the UK in 1946.


An Inspector calls

Agreed Jill. And Cat.

The play is set in 1912 in Brumley. Also, the play is set in the house of a prosperous manufacturer Arthur Birling to celebrate the engagement of his daughter Sheila Birling.

Priestley wants to show us the rights of women and men in the 1912.

For example, women usually were housewives who stayed home whereas men go out and earn financially.


Inspector calls

This play was performed in 1945 in the Soviet Union and 1946 in the UK. This is a three-act drama, which takes place on a single night in 1912, focusing on the prosperous middle-class Birling family.

The play is set in Brumley, England in 1912, though Priestly wrote the play in 1945.

This is significant as in 1912 the political ideology of capitalism was raging, a contrast to 1945 Britain, which, after two harrowing world wars, was on the verge of a social revolution. The choice was simple: revert to the old pre-WW1 values of profit, prosperity and capital, or continue the war-born socialist values. Priestley was a strong believer in the latter, hence his extended focus on social responsibility.

The play is set in 2016 in U.S.A after World War 1. Wish you good luck buddy old pal!


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