An Inspector Calls

What are different attitudes to society in An Inspector Calls?

How does Priestly convey different attitudes to society?

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Taking the play from a socialist perspective inevitably focuses on issues of social class. Class is a large factor, indirectly, in the events of the play and Eva Smith’s death. Mrs. Birling, Priestley notes, is her husband’s social superior, just as Gerald will be Sheila’s social superior if they do get married. Priestley also subtly notes that Gerald’s mother, Lady Croft, disapproves of Gerald’s marrying Sheila for precisely this reason. Finally, everyone’s treatment of Eva might be put down (either in part or altogether) to the fact that she is a girl, as Mrs. Birling puts it, “of that class.” Priestley clearly was interested in the class system and how it determines the decisions that people make. You can check out themes of "social duty" and  "youth and age" which also fit into your question:


Mr birlings attitude to society is he is a capitalist he is selfish and greedy uses his daughter for success in the buisness. he doesnt know what is going on in the world. (world war) gerald is the same he agrees all the time with mr birling doesntv learn from his mistakes he is a tricky character.

Mrs birling is making diffrences between classes she says 'girls of that class' meaning they are lower class so they get themselves into trouble.

Eric is not like his father he is more caring and has confidence to go against his father for example when he stole the money to give to eva.

sheila is the one who learn from the misakes when she keeps forcing the other characters to answer the inspector in the opening you acts a bit childish and then matures as the play carrys on.

The inspector is a mistery he is seen from diffrent prospectives e.g goole (ghoul, ghost) he could be in the mind anything. i thought it could have been preistly speaking through the inspector using him as his puppet to get his message across which is to take care of each other.

the title 'An inspector calls'

calls is a very simple word but it could also mean that the inspector call the shots ect.