An Inspector Calls

Show how J. B Priestley keeps the interest of the audience of the audience throughout An Inspector Calls.

An Inspector Calls,

GCSE English literature,

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An Inspector calls keeps it audience enthralled by exposing the human frailties of society. Audiences enjoy watching other people's problems; they thrive on gossip and division within families and friendships. Think of the modern day success of reality TV. Those shows have enormous following, and An Insoector calls has the same type of fascination as it takes it the audience into a home and unveils secrets that cause discomfort and guilt.

Priestley uses this forum to dissect the weaknesses and virtues of a group of wealthy, complacent, upper-middle-class individuals. He methodically reveals that each of his characters had had a part in causing a young, working class girl to suicide.

Moral values are at the forefront, and again, you can apply the situation to the modern world. How many suicides have you heard of that have been blamed as a direct resuly of social networking; the cruelty and bullying that occur as a direct result of technology (Facebook, ect.). I don't watch these shows or take part in social networking, but I know many people who do, but I believe their creation is a direct result of sensationalizing the problems of other people, just like this play.

The characters involved resent the intrusion to their celebration, but yet they take part. Confessions are made, reputations are lost. Emotions include indignance, sorrow, tears, and the occassional fingerpointing; new revelations occur one after another. Arthur fired the girl, Sheila had her fired from another job, her brother had an affair with her, and her mother refused her charity. And so on and so on.

Thus, I believe that the audience it hooked by a girl it never sees, and the messed up family that drove her to her final act, even if their actions were no more than the "humaness" of not thinking what effect their actions would have on another person.


An Inspector Calls