An Inspector Calls

Quotes for Supernatural in An Inspector Calls

Hello, if you find me quotes for supernatural. That would be wonderful. Preferably 5. Thank you

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I don't have many quotes for this but I will try my best.

So the most obvious way of proving that the inspector is some kind of supernatural force is that goole is a homophone for ghoul.

Another reason for the inspector being a suoernatural force is that as soon as he left the birling's house he seemed to disapear and when mr birling tried to phone up the force to ask about him they said that there was no inspector goole on the force.

You could also say that the timing of when he arrived could also be proof that he is some kind of supernatural being as he arrived at the same time that mr birling was in the height making his speech showcasing his selfish capitalist veiws. This is important as it serves as a strong reminder to the point the inspector tries to teach us and the birlings throughout the play, that we all need to be responisible for each other and by cutting him off at this point he is showing that the birlings are also affected by the outside world.

The inspector also seems to be able to tell the future in his blood fire and anguish speech when he references the world war, this could also be a sign that he is a supernatural beings, possibly one who is able to see / predict the future?

I hope that this is helpful...


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