An Inspector Calls

PLEASE HELP, How do I find ten points for this extract question?!

Hi, my AIC exams tomorrow, and todayy I only just started revsing extracts( I’ve been doing essays mainly) I’ve just attempted this question :

“Look closely at how Gerald speaks and behaves here. How could it affect an audience’s feelings towards him?”

The extract is here,,

I can only find like 5 points, and even then I struggled to do it in time. My exams tomorrow and I dont; know how to answer the question and find 10 points! PLEASE help me!!

Here’s the points I got quickly summed up,,

-G. is impatient as he is ”cuttiing in” when Mr.B is talking

-G is also protecting B family, as he dismissed any suspicions the police officer had and ”passed it off”

-Clearly G is also sucking up to MRS B, as he tells her ” you were right.”

-And as G agrees with B. ”of course!’ when he says it makes all the diffrerence, this shows he is just as ignorant as the older gen.

I know ive done the question wrong, and i couldnt even find any good points! PLEASEE help ,me, Id appreciate any help! thank you!

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I'm sorry, we don't complete student writing assignments. This is a short answer forum. If you have any short response questions you need help with, feel free to post.