An Inspector Calls

page 73/74 questions

can anyone awnser any of these?

1) what doe we learn about each of the characters on stage in the opening? how might actors show that the characters are "pleased with themselvs"

2) what tone is set in the opening exchanges between the characters?

3) what does sheila's engagement to Gerald mean to Arthur Birling ?

4) what is Birling's attitude to the future and the progress he foresees? What are we ment to think of this attitude? why?

5) how does the tone change once the men are alone?

6) what outlook on life had Birling lent in the 'good hard school of experiance'?

7) why does the front door bell ring when it does?

8) why does Eric react ''sharply" to Gerald and Birling's joke?

9) what is the mood in the room before the inspector enters?

10) what should the inspectors apperance convey to the audience?

11) why does Eric respond 'involutarily' to the Inspector's news?

12) how does Birling react to the reminder that he employed Eva smith? how should he react to the photography?

13) why does Birling start to 'move restlessly'?

14) how should birling tell hos story to the inspector?

15) how should Gerald, Eric and the Inspector listen to Birling's story?

16) what is the mood in the room when sheila enters?

17) how does sheila react ti the Inspector's news?

18) "the outher four exchange bewildered and perturbed glances" (page 18). How are each of sheila, Eric, Birling and Gerald now feeling?

19) What are sheila's and the Inspector's attitudes to the situationin which Eva found herself after Arthur Birling sacked her?

20) Why does sheila react so violently to the photograph?

21) What effect does the inspector have upon Eric and Geralnd while they are alone?

22) How should sheila tell her story to the Inspector?

23) How does each of Eric, Gerald and the Inspector react to sheila's story?

24) How is sheila affected by her realisation?

25) how will Gerald show he is 'startled' by the name Daisy Rention?

26) What is Sheila thinking while she is 'staring' at Gerald (page 25)

27) what is the mood in the dining room as the inspector re-enters

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3) Sheila's engagement opens up new business opportunities for Birling. Her marriage to Gerald will cement two competing family businesses and allow Birling room for expansion.

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An Inspector Calls