An Inspector Calls

inspector is a fake - reveals Arthur and Sheila's conflicting attitudes.

How our actions affect others?

Treat others with respect

Take responsibility

Discuss the dramatic final phonecall (structure)

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Mr Birling represents the capitalistic society. He believes that people have to take responsibility for themselves. Birling doesn't care about the individual but his bank book. His ideas do NOT change throughout the novel.

Shelia's attitude evolves and changes. She is upset by her own behavior and sees that the things she has done may have played a part in Eva's suicide. Sheila realizes that the inspector may be a fake, but she isn't fazed by that knowledge. She is only concerned that the episode has affected a change in the people involved. Unlike her parents, Sheila comes to understand that individuals are not just responsible for themselves, they have a responsibility to those less fortunate as well.


An Inspector Calls