An Inspector Calls

how does shelia change through out the play

at the beggiing of the play shelia was a very high class,stuckup and only polite to the rich. she would rely on a parents and still act like a child toards her parents, she seemed very spoilt and would get what she asks for. we can she shelia was a child tawrds her parent because she still called them "daddy" and "mummy". She didnt really have many manners towards the poor and wouldnt give them the resoect she would give the upper class, she would follow her parents way and always think they were right and this carried on throughout the play.

on the other hand, towards the en of the play insoector calls came to the birling house and spoke to them about the death of eva smith. the inspecotr told the birling family about the eath of eva smith and how she killed herself, insoector explained the reason why evea had taken her own life and thatswhen shelia started changing,sehlia was the reason thateva had ost her job cause she made a complient abut eva and the way she was working, as shelia would say, it wasnt to her stanstard and thats why she made the complient to the person that owned the shop, because she was a higher class eve had to lose her job, shelia was showing her guilt and knew that park of it was her fault, in the lay you could see that the birling family didnt care and sheia didnt like the way the were acting and wanted to chang the way she was, she started callling her daddy "father' shelia was jealous of eva and that why she done what she done, shelia started realising what she had done and started changing because of the guilt she was feeling, she had more emotions and actully cared what she had done even though eva was a lower class.

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I think you already have an answer in what you have written.

do u even english bruh.

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